Tree maintenance

- Evaluation of trees regarding their general condition, safety and esthetic value; reduction or removal of dangerous or superfluous branches and boughs.

Tree Removal

- Save removal of whole trees with particular attention to its environment (i.e. nearby electrical wires, fences or buildings often require sectional cut-down).

Protection of tree crowns

- Arboricultural expert services, which prolong the life of a tree (i.e. endangered parts of a tree, which are likely to break off, are tied with an amortization line of the patented COBRA system).

Planting trees and bushes

- Planting reliable seedlings as well as more mature trees, with the root clump (suggested for urban areas). The advantages of the root clump planting include faster time to maturity, instant visual effect and lower risk of damage.

Stump removal

- Mechanical grinding of the tree stump down to 18 cm below the ground level, eliminating the need to dig in the area around and run the risk of damaging any installations possibly located nearby.

Wood chipping

- Mechanical chipping of branches and twigs (the resulting wood chips can further be used as bedding material).

In addition, we also offer:

  • Planting of trees and shrubs
  • Diagnostics of trees
  • Cendrological inventory
  • Altitude services
  • Construction of "Jungle Gym" playgrounds